Kelsey Moffat Senior Stylist

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Kelsey, or Kels as we call her, has been doing hair going on 9 years in 2021!

Her favourite hair things to do are coloring and styling, and she is the Queen of the Reds and loves to get creative with vivids.

She loves to learn new  and gives an amazing scalp massage with her services.

*Please Note* Color Services are charged on an hourly rate of $90/hr and average pricing is shown upon booking.

Instagram: @nocturnalhair

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Cancellation Policy

When appointments are not attended it compromises the income of your hair stylist and salon.

Clients must provide 36 hours notice to cancel their booking. If another client does not fill that opening, we will send an email money transfer request for $30/hour of the expected length of your appointment. We expect this to be paid prior to your rebooking.

Adhering to this policy displays respect for your stylist and salon. Thank you in advance for doing so.